Having been born in London and brought up in a Greek family, with a lot of travelling back and forth over the years, there’s always been a strange mix of belonging to both, yet not really fitting in to either place.There always seemed to be something missing that only the other could offer.

Instead of dismissing this and trying to fit in, I decided to go with it in the hopes that it’ll keep me looking at both places with a fresh eye.

So, yes, this blog will probably be one of those tedious, opinionated, ‘this-is-my-life-and-isnt-it-so-interesting’ ones, but hopefully, within that there will also be some interesting perspectives on life, events, moments and all other general things both in London and Athens, as well as anywhere else I may end up.

Keep your fingers crossed for me…


Oh and comments and suggestions are always welcome! Hopefully more on the proactive side though, yes?


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