Magic Revealed By Misha McKenzie

Magic Revealed

By Misha McKenzie

Having read this in less than a week, I cant wait to read the previous books. The characters are well formed and engaging, and the world is believable to the extent that I’m slightly resentful that I don’t live in it! (Who wouldn’t love the power to teleport? Which is my new favourite if-you-had-a-power-what-would-it-be answer fyi.)

I would say theres slightly too much repetition in terms of characters relating back story for my tastes. The ‘show, don’t tell’ rule isn’t enforced as much as could be which, as I’ve not read the previous books yet, i’m unsure whether is a way of getting new readers up to date with previous adventures. If so, I’d advise Misha to leave it out in future and assume everyone already knows teh back-story, as I’m sure those not in the know would be keen to go back and read up on what had happened for themselves.

I’d also advise her to write more in depth on other happenings, as I would love to see some of the situations currently skimmed over played out more slowly. for example, Gideon and Lauren/Stacia’s ‘getting to know you phase’ at the start of the book would have been tantalising to follow over a few chapters rather than the current rather speedy version it currently is.

Having said that, Its a thoroughly enjoyable read that I cant wait to suggest to friends and family alike.

Title Details

  • Publisher: Icasm Press
  • Released date: January 4th 2015
  • ISBN:9781942318026
  • Price: $9.99/ £ not yet available

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