Rising Star

Kricket –  the book’s hero and the star of this new series – is, lets be honest, every fashion photographer’s dream. Tall and beautiful with long hair and the perfect physique to show clothes to their best advantage.

With a description like that, you would expect an exciting adventure in modelling to follow – probably with constant travel to all the top fashion hot spots around the globe. There is no way to correctly emphasize how wrong you would be.

Sure, the blurb does point out her otherworldly origins and the journey to that place which she is about to take, but nothing in those quite usual YA descriptive paragraphs hint towards the fluidity with which Amy A. Bartol has managed to not just create a completely new type of existence, but also to make it feel completely natural and relate-able to an earthly audience.

Unlike most fantasy worlds around, this one holds nothing in common with the ideas of past masters, and Kricket’s reactions to these new experiences are – more often than not –  a true mirror of the reader’s. Because of this, any attempt on my part to explain risks ruining this feeling for the next reader. I’ll therefore keep this short and just say; If you are a fan of fantasy, this book is definitely not one to be missed!

Front Cover

Under Different Stars
Amy A. Bartol
47 North
Pub: 9th December, 2014
E-book – $3.99
ISBN: 9781477821121


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