Poetic Application

Unpublished review/interview for Athens News:

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Early this summer a collection of poems by new Athenian writer, Marina Papatsony, was published in Greece which took literature’s relationship with technology to new areas. The book, entitled Nomiza oti I exipnada odigi stin eftihia (I thought that intelligence led to happiness), is the first of its kind in Europe and it combines smartphone technology with the traditional book format in order to enhance the readers experience and understanding of each poem.

“Poetry and art in general, expresses the time that we live in, so taking advantage or being inspired by the time that we live is obligatory. There may be good and bad things about technology, but everything has two sides, what matters is how you use it” explains Marina.

The way it works is simple. At the bottom of each page is a code which – when used in conjunction with a free smartphone app called ‘click2c’ – accesses a reading (by Aphrodite Simiti, Fay Leoisi or Sol Saltiel) , a piece of art (by artist Diamantis Aidinis) or segment of video art (by director Viasilis Bourantas) which compliments or is inspired by that poem. In this way, the reader gains another level of interaction with the poem, discovering not only what they themselves can find hidden between its lines, but also a bit more of what the poet herself meant to convey, something which is relatively rare.

“The main reason I wanted to do this was because I thought it was fascinating that you could be in your house and hear the poem read” Marina tells Athens News. “In the past, I’ve read poetry and then gone to hear a reading and the way you perceive the poem, it’s like a different poem. This technology gives me the opportunity to guide the reader in to understanding how I feel my poem”

The book itself can be read and enjoyed without the technological additions. Within its pages lays a collection of simple and expressive poems penned by the new author and gathered together in this innovative book.Displaying OIK_4122.jpg

“The main reason I decided to publish was to be able to communicate with people beyond the distance my hand can reach. I always wrote, when I was young I wrote lyrics. Writing is something that’s always existed.”

Marina has enjoyed what can be safely called a good reception of her first publication – with it being sold out in many of the bookshops stocking it only one month after its release. It is now set for release in Cyprus next month, with some of the poems already chosen to be translated and incorporated in a US publication of poets of Greece published in the last 25 years.


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