Thank god for 2D!!

After finally getting the chance to see Tron: Legacy in normal cinema style I have absolutely no idea why anyone thought 3D would be a better idea. Sure, you feel like you’re actually in the middle of the action and, for a film where the premise is a human in a computer world, that kind of sets the mood a little more than the normal 2D, but so much more is lost due to it.

Because 3D directs your attention specifically to what the film maker thinks you should be focusing on, you miss the chance to look around and notice the small details happening around the centre of the action.

One scene in particular caused me regret how much people who stick to the 3D version of films don’t get to experience. During a key fight scene ‘it’ kicks in and the only focus are two of the central characters (as would be expected). Everything else doesn’t go blurry but as its impossible, or at least very uncomfortable, to drag your attention from where you’ve been directed, it may as well be.

Watch it again without the added technology and you see a whole world of detail. The performances and choreography of the surrounding people are just as intricate as the central two.

Part of what makes films exciting to watch, at least in my opinion, are the little side details you may or may not notice. In real life we are in the centre of our realities and, although we may catch the strange things that happen on the fringes of our days, for the most part we only see what we are focused on. In the cinema we are free from this restricted point of view.

Suddenly we can look around and see a million other things that it would never occur to us to look at on an average day. If that is taken away, why not just start making films with the camera as the central figure? That way Hollywood could have the power they seem to crave and the viewer couldn’t help but always look where they are expected to. Just one more step on the endless quest to make us sheep to the powerful minority’s idea of entertainment.

But back to the film!

The effects were amazing and really felt like a natural progression from the style set in the original film. All the characters (including the digital ones) were multi-dimensional – no pun intended – and easy to connect to, and even on this second viewing there was no sense of the plot dragging on or becoming tedious.

The explanation of the back story between the events of the first and second films was done seamlessly and in such a way that anyone who may have not seen the original, or not re-watched it for some time, won’t feel as though they are being excluded. It makes for a wonderful stand-alone film but, having said that, it still inspires a desire to go back and see where it all began.

Of course there are the religious parallels, but as that’s more of a coincidental element than an intentional one, there’s little need to go in to it.

Overall there are enough story elements in the film that I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys a good film, whether they are keen on sci-fi or not. For the sci-fi addicts out there, I could possibly say this film is a dream come true.


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