‘Tron: Legacy’ (minimal)

Official Tron:Legacy Poster

The long-awaited sequel to the old classic ‘Tron’ is finally here, and I wish I could give you a fully rounded review. Unfortunately the evil that is 3D and I had some issues so I wasn’t able to give it the attention I wanted to.

This notwithstanding, the film itself was visually amazing. They took all the wonderful and well-loved elements of the original, updated the graphics for a 21st century audience, and presented them on a plate for the ravenous attentions of the fans. I doubt that any who loved the original would take issue to the way its been given the modern treatment.

As for the plot, in simple terms it is a reworking of the original but that is to be expected with any sequel. Apart from a couple of, in my eyes, overly sentimental moments between father and son, the storyline is engaging and well acted by all concerned.

Unfortunately, that is all I can really say about it at this point. I would love to take a second look at it as I’m sure I’ve missed some storyline details in the first viewing, but, unless a 2D version exists somewhere in cinema-land I may not get a chance.


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